Report of Findings & 1st Adjustment

Report of Findings

Chiropractor providing the report of findings to the patient

Prior to this appointment your Chiropractor will have taken time to study the findings of your case history and examination, and will have prepared for you a clear and concise explanation of the following:

  • what is wrong
  • how they can help
  • how long you can expect it to take
  • how much it  will cost

With your consent, they will then be able to commence treatment.

The cost of your initial consultation includes that appointment, as well as your Report of Findings Appointment. The treatment you receive at your Report of Findings appointment will be charged. Please see Fees for details of cost

Will it hurt?

Your initial appointment involves a detailed examination, which, if you are in a lot of pain, can be a bit uncomfortable. But, our Chiropractors are highly trained, and experienced in dealing with people in a lot of pain, so will be gentle, and only perform the tests absolutely necessary. Your chiropractor will give you advice on pain relief during your initial appointment to help you manage better too.

Bring any previous x-rays

If you have had any x-rays or scans taken before, please bring them to your initial appointment. If you cant, a copy of the report would be helpful.

Can I pay in advance for my care?

We have options for pre-payments if this is what you wish to do, and your practitioner will discuss these with you at your appointment.

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