Kate Dewhurst - Osteopath

I am a fully qualified Osteopath (M.Ost) and my role consists of providing patient-centred care - analysing the body as a whole, rather than treating one particular area. It's my job to identify the root causes of the symptoms by listening to the stories of my patients, as that way I can provide a thorough examination and then come up with a care plan. As well as reducing the symptoms of my patients, another key aspect of my role is to aim to improve people's ability to function and also their overall wellbeing. I particularly enjoy helping women through pregnancy, and I am studying towards a post-graduate in Specialist Paediatric Osteopathic Practice.

From an early age, I always wanted to be an Osteopath, so my passion has been there for as long as I can remember! I have always been fascinated by the workings of the body and how we can help to improve function and reduce pain. I like to take a particular interest in a patient's story, and what events in their life have led them to us; then I can map out treatment from the start and see it through to its conclusion - helping along the way with symptom relief, as well as the prevention of any problems in the future. It's extremely satisfying to help people, as I get to know all of my patients individually - delivering results that cater for their needs.

So why should people choose the team at Alba Spinal Health Centre? We have a skilful and knowledgeable group of people with a wide range of expertise, and a fundamental attribute of our clinic is how strongly we work together; we all enjoy what we do! We are a sociable bunch and like to maintain a positive environment in the clinic - encouraging our patients to get involved in our events and special occasions, which we always look forward to! Our top priority is to treat every patient with respect and warmth, and to be fully committed to delivering the highest standard of care.

Being an Osteopath keeps me busy, which I love, but outside of work I enjoy staying active and healthy; it gives me a great boost! I do enjoy the gym, but being totally honest, I prefer to be outside on a hike or taking part in team-building events such as 'Tough Mudder'. I also enjoy wind surfing - having sailed since I was a child; in fact, I absolutely love all water sports, and I really do like to be beside the seaside!

Another passion of mine is horse riding, which is something I have in common with Jemma. I did a lot of competitive riding when I was growing up, and I still enjoy going for a ride now - when I have the time! We all need downtime too, so when I'm ready to recharge the batteries, I love nothing more than to chill out with friends or to relax on the sofa with a good TV series.

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