Jade Foxhall - Clinic Assistant

I'm a junior Clinic Assistant, so my current role is centred around learning more about the practice, as well as developing the necessary skills to work effectively in the reception area.

One of my principal responsibilities is looking after our patients until the practitioners take them through for their adjustments. Greeting them with a warm smile, asking how they are and offering them a drink are just a few ways I can make people feel valued and cared for. I have extensive experience in customer service, so I love chatting to people, as it keeps life interesting!

There's many reasons why I'm passionate about my job, but a fundamental one is knowing that I'm part of an organisation that works hard to help and care for people. There's nothing more rewarding than knowing that our patients are now living a healthier life because of what we do at Alba.

So why choose us? As well as our ongoing commitment to helping patients lead a healthier life, I believe that the most appealing service we offer is a non-invasive way of treating pain - a more natural approach to isolating symptoms and then working with patients on their journey to a more pain-free existence. The results are proving to be successful, which I feel is also due to having such a wonderful and kind team in place at the clinic.

In my spare time, I enjoy nothing more than socialising with friends, but when I prefer some 'me time', I love a good book.

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