Fay Brooks - Chiropractic Assistant

I'm a Chiropractic Assistant - and a Mermaid! (Ask me about this when you visit!)

My role, I am proud to say, involves being a friendly face in our community and helping the team to spread the word about chiropractic, osteopathy and massage therapy; the benefits can be life-changing.

The reason why I am so passionate about my job is because I see first-hand the improvements within our patients' conditions and lives. To see people initially come to us in pain and discomfort, and then - during their course of care - see the difference in how they enter the welcome area, whether it be with more confidence or with a friendly smile, is very powerful.

Although we are fully committed to making people feel better, we are also equally committed to having some fun! We love to help people and to educate them throughout their journey with us, but we also speak to them like they are part of our family, and that they are not being lectured!

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking and baking, as well as creating recipes (so I'm a bit of a foodie!), but I also like to keep fit by walking outdoors and practising Yoga. Spending time with my favourite people is also very important to me, so I do that as much as possible.

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