Amy Donoghue - Clinic Assistant

I'm a Clinic Assistant, so my role is dedicated to spreading the word of chiropractic, osteopathy and massage therapy, as well as passing on my knowledge to those that are considering this route of care. When it comes to an area I specialise in, I'm a great chatterbox - making me the perfect person to talk loudly and proudly about what we do!

My job is patient-facing - working in our busy reception area - so I love making new friends every day with the people who visit our clinic. I have the privilege of witnessing the journeys of our patients and seeing them become the best versions of themselves; it's something truly special. I would say that this is the area of my role I am most passionate about, as it makes me so happy to see our patients' pain being reduced, but I also enjoy getting to know their personalities when I chat with them before they are seen by a practitioner.

I believe that people considering the treatments we offer should choose Alba because we are 100 percent committed to providing a world-class service! We are a laid-back, happy and approachable bunch, yet we remain professional and focused on the reason people come to see us.

When I'm away from the clinic and enjoying some free time, I love going out with my friends as often as possible! I'm also a keen horse rider and have competed since the age of nine.

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