After seeing Alex for the first time I wondered why I had never tried a Chiropractor before. Alex is just about the politest guy in Warrington, and really knows his stuff, always able to back his treatment up with detailed explanations. Highly recommended! Eric, Warrington
Having always had physical jobs, I started to suffer with lower back pain. It gradually got worse over the years, and 15 years ago it got to the point where the pain was severe, and travelling down both my legs. I had had physio and acupuncture which had not helped. I decided to try chiropractic, and Jemm has done a fantastic job! It has been a gradual process but I am now reaping the rewards! I am now back in the gym, and I genuinely feel younger. My only regret is that I didn't get treated sooner! Ian, Warrington
I went to Alex Firth for a knee injury, but also mentioned my low back pain I had had for 10 years and didn't think could be helped. Alex treated both conditions, and I am now completely pain free, and have been able to stop taking the large doses of Ibuprofen I had been taking for years! Thank-you Alex! Peter, Warrington
I am a 15 year-old ballet dancer and have been suffering from sciatic like pains for over 2 years. After seeing various doctors and physios, and experiencing no relief I decided to try Chiropractic. Jemma has been very positive right from the beginning, and has explained a very understandable reason for my pain. I have been receiving treatment for about 8 weeks now, and the improvement has been tremendous. My body is now able to do things it wasn't able to do before, and I am finally free of what has caused me 2 years of horrendous pain. Domonique, Warrington
I'm being treated by Dr Jemma Bransby-Firth who's done a fantastic job. I'm now back at the gym and I genuinely feel years younger. Ian, Widnes
Just a note to say thank-you for helping me recover. I have not been this pain free for years. You are extremely good at what you do! Rebecca, Sale
After my first adjustment I started to improve, and by six weeks my symptoms had completely resolved. Dr Morrison, GP, Chester
I was suffering from a lot of pain in my pelvis during my first trimester and Jemma was fantastic at getting me back on my feet and keeping me on them. Sarah, Irlam
Zara was fabulous! After being in such pain that I could not walk, stand sit or lie without pain I was desperate to say the least. Within weeks I felt amazing relief. The reception staff are always jolly and courteous. I can wholly recommend the practice. Beth, Warrington
I cant recommend Sam enough - when I first limped in to see her with a herniated disc I thought I was never going to be pain free again! Sam helped me to stand up straight, eased my worries and reduced my pain instantly. I now do a 40 mile round-trip just to see her. Jules, Sale
Receive excellent treatment from Alex. Come in in pain and go out feeling 100%! Long may he continue the good work. Wayne, Warrington
The service and care I have received from Alba has been superb from my first appointment. I was greeted courteously by Lynda and have recovered within a week with the care of Sam. I would highly recommend Alba. Gareth, Warrington
Good treatment that is very effective. All staff are friendly and considerate. Always remember their clients. Julie, Warrington
I have been seeing Alex for a long time on a regular basis. Prior to starting care I suffered a lot with back spasms, immobility and severe pain, usually brought on by 'normal' activity. Now with regular treatments I manage to stay free of immobility and if I do have any minor 'bouts', they clear up very quickly. Peter, Warrington
I have been using Alba for a few years now and the level of service and support is second to none. I have recommended Alba to several friends and family, and Alex and Jemma have been brilliant. Tony, Widnes
After six sessions with Alex I can now enjoy the simple things - free movement of my neck and no more headaches. Thank-you so much! Julie, Warrington
The team at Alba are excellent. They ensure that your treatment meets your needs, go out of their way to fit you in and to keep you moving freely. All of the staff are excellent and the massage they give is as good as the manipulation! Definitely recommend them to anyone! Dawn, Warrington
I found the service from Alba to be very professional, extremely friendly and sympathetic to my needs. Thank you so much. Fiona, St Helens
For a warm, friendly and individualised service that you can have real confidence in, I couldn't recommend Alba more highly! Helen, Sale
I am a 51 year old male who has suffered chronic back pain on and off for the past 20 years. I have had a number of visits to hospital and been examined by back specialists who told me that I would have to have surgery to fuse my vertebrae. To my amazement, after 3 visits with Jemma I was in far less pain and was beginning to move more freely. I have continued treatment and now I am taking regular exercise again, I am able to walk long distances free of pain. I am eternally grateful to Jemma for giving me back a lifestyle I had long lost. Ron, Sale
Having been in pain with a back injury for three days I was offered an appointment at Alba on the same day I contacted them. Dr Alex Firth was able to quickly diagnose my condition, and commence treatment. My pain levels were reduced significantly, very quickly! I have no hesitation in recommending this practice! Alison, St Helens
Thank-you so much Alex and Jemma for putting me back in the saddle so quickly after my recent fall from my horse, enabling me to be ready for the forthcoming eventing season. . I think you are wonderful and will recommend you to all of my friends. Helen, Irlam
I had been enduring sciatica for several months which was significantly restricting what I could do in my daily life. After my first treatment I started to improve and by six weeks my symptoms had completely resolved! Clive, Warrington
After weeks of unsuccessful physio treatment for terrible back pain, I began Chiropractic treatment with Jemma Firth. As a national journalist I drive for several hours a day, and was unable to work for some months. Jemma was quickly able to identify what was wrong and has successfully helped me to a nearly full recovery. I am extremely grateful to Jemma and the staff at Alba, and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. Michelle, Warrington
Just wanted to say a huge thank-you to Jemma at Alba, you did an amazing job on my neck, back and hip. I couldn't move this time last year, and I am now well and truly back on track - I even managed the Warrington half-marathon in 2hrs 10 mins. Thank-you so much! Lisa, Warrington
A massive thank-you for seeing my son today Jemma. He walked up the stairs normally for the first time in ages, and when he got to the top of the stairs he said 'Jemma is a miracle worker!'. At bed time he said his favourite part of the day was coming to see you and that you are great! Janet, mother of 3 year-old Sam, Warrington
I have suffered with chronic pain in my shoulder and wrist for years now, and just got on with it as 'one of those things' after trips to the doctor only resulted in pills that brought short-term relief. I have kicked myself many times over the last three weeks for leaving it so long in light of the results you have achieved. I was literally crying in pain the day I came to see you, and now I cant wait to get a treatment for the relief it brings. I cannot belief the fantastic results you have achieved in such a short time! Gillian, Warrington
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