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Three Ways to Reduce those Stress Levels this Christmas

A recent study has shown that over the festive period, stress rises by more than 30 percent.

During times of stress, your heart rate increases; breathing quickens; muscles tighten; and blood pressure rises - posing big risks towards your general health and wellbeing.

Christmas is a time to enjoy ourselves, so follow these three tips and reduce those stress levels:

  • Injuries increase at this time of year due to people putting up Christmas decorations; climbing up and down ladders; carrying heavy shopping bags; and sitting with a poor posture when wrapping Christmas presents. Be careful and don't overstretch yourself!
  • Sleeping in a different bed over the holidays can be difficult - especially if it's a family member's sofa bed or airbed that you're not used to - so we suggest that you pack wisely; for instance, consider taking your own pillow, an eye mask and some earplugs. Sleep is vital for optimal physical and mental health, so try to get some rest over Christmas
  • If there's ever a time for indulging, then Christmas is it; however, the average Brit consumes 7,000 calories on Christmas Day - and the majority of this is before 2pm! Be kind to your body and try to pace yourself

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