1) Sleep well and laugh; it's the best medicine after all!

A recent study has shown that over the festive period, stress rises by more than 30 percent.

Here are four reasons to move more!

We don't give much thought to our breathing patterns, as they are automatic (we breathe around 20,000 times a day), but breathing is really important.

Do you ever get that mid-afternoon energy slump? You know the one, where you are tempted to have another caffeine hit and reach for the chocolate?

Did you know that an alkaline diet can reduce the risk of suffering from a variety of chronic diseases that are plaguing our aging population?

When there’s a big business meeting on the horizon, have you ever honestly thought about having it standing up?

Nowadays, a lot of people spend most – if not all – of their working day behind a desk.

It’s no secret that taking appropriate exercise is an essential part of your wellbeing – and walking is all that’s required to have an enormously positive effect on your health.

At Alba, we believe that turmeric extract is the secret weapon when it comes to helping your body to heal. The extract contains a high level of curcumin, which is a substance containing powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

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