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We run five clinics in the Warrington and Merseyside area. Our professional and caring approach, evidence based treatment and the great care we take of our patients, have helped us to become the award winning clinic we are today.

As doctors of chiropractic, we provide a healthcare service which identifies, and treats, the causes of muscular and skeletal pain. We expect to see a speedy and effective resolution of pain, with a reduced chance of recurrence.

Together with you, we will develop the most appropriate individual treatment plan. As treatment progresses, we continue to respond to changes by providing expert advice, reassurance and rehabilitative therapies, including nutritional, ergonomic and exercise advice. We work with other healthcare professionals to ensure a holistic approach to your care.

We are a double-award-winning clinic, having been recognised for our high standards of patient care and clinical management. We've also invest in our local community through our Investing in Others Scheme, providing charitable work and donations.

Latest News

The Back to Sleep Programme was introduced in 1992, and aimed to encourage new parents to place their baby on its back to sleep at night. Midwives and Health Visitors are well versed in the Back to Sleep Campaign and new mothers are offered a wide...

It is not uncommon for people to assume that back pain gets worse as we get older, but is this true? Actually, the studies over the last 10 years don’t show an increase in back pain beyond the age of 60, and actually, in some studies, back pain...

Hi, my name is Jemma Firth, Mum to Jessica (18 months) and co-owner with my husband (Alex) of Alba Chiropractic Clinic in Warrington. Alex and I met in the first year of university, and although not without the occasional blip, were still going...

Zara was fabulous! After being in such pain that I could not walk, stand sit or lie without pain I was desperate to say the least. Within weeks I felt amazing relief. The reception staff are always jolly and courteous. I can wholly recommend the practice. Beth, Warrington

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